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Mentorship / Consulting

Understand and improve parameters that drive value ( PDV): We believe that for innovation it is necessary to improve at least one parameter that drives customers purchasing decisions and it is necessary to uncover those parameters that will drive the customer purchasing decisions and substantially improve the same. TAA has a unique methodology that uncovers these parameters that might be hidden or known, translate them into technical parameters that become the focus of innovation efforts and thus results in innovation that is of economic value

Learning from technology evolution:Over years of application TRIZ has uncovered various laws and trends for technology evolution that are based on objective criteria and has proven its value in terms of predictability.By systematic application of these laws and trends we uncover the current state of technology on the S curve using subjective as well as objective  indicators, that help guide the strategic directions of the innovation efforts and also create a detailed evolution road map for future innovations enabling the ability to forecast future in a pragmatic manner

Function Driven:At the core principle of our innovation efforts is the guideline that solutions change functions don't.By applying methods of modelling products or processes we are able to focus on the main functions and look for solutions without being bounded by technology domains, in other areas helping deliver innovative solutions.

Problem based approach to Innovation: We believe in a problem based approach to innovation that starts with defining all the problems that exist in the current products or process by using various modelling techniques, selecting the core problems that if solved would dissolve many problems and then applying systematic problem solving techniques to develop robust reliable solutions

Adaption as a faster route to invention: Using the function approach we help enable clients to formulate key problems of adaptation and generate solutions that are faster, easier, and proven. This approach drastically reduces the time to market thus enabling faster implementations