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About InnovEx Asia 2015

“Creativity and innovation are critical for businesses exposed to globalization, increasing competition, diversity among, consumers and rapidly changing technology. Tomorrow's competitive success is based on today's cutting edge creative / innovative ideas and rapid delivery of these ideas to market / consumers. But with an average failure rate of 30-50% in new product development, getting the right idea keeping in mind the Main Parameter Value (MPV) to market / consumer as efficiently as possible is critical to your business success. “InnovEx Asia 2015" brings together all the eminent Thought Leaders from a cross section of the industry and provides a neutral platform to share, exchange views on the challenging issues faced when it comes to Innovation, strategies revolving around it & academic partnership”.


InnovEx 2015 Highlights:

To discuss strategies and techniques for change Role of Technology, BIG Data & Cloud in the next Innovation Curve Role of Universities or Academic partners in Innovation( India vs Globe ) & its impact. Role of India in Innovation : Are we just a design center for the MNC Exploring Open Innovation, Systematic Innovation & Greennovation


Eminent Speakers

Dr. Oleg Feygenson - Principal Engineer at Samsung Electronics ( Korea ), TRIZ MASTER & Academic Secretary TRIZ Master Certification Council ( TMCC )

Valeri Souchkov - TRIZ MASTER , President of the International TRIZ University  & Cofounder of the European TRIZ Association

Dr. Praveen Arora - Advisor National Science & Technology Management Information System, Department of Science & Technology

Dr. Ardhendu G. Pathak - VP and Head, Emerging Technologies & Concepts, AIRBUS

Dr. Samiran Mahapatra - R&D Director, Open Innovation, Unilever

Dr. Balraj - Senior Program Manager, TRIZ LEVEL1 Practitioner, Mercedes Benz R &D India Joseph Karlose - Lead MTS, SHARP SSDI

Dr. Sudhakar Mhaskar - CTO, Marico India Ltd.

Dmitriy Bakhturin - Chief Project Officer CICE & T ROSATOM