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Distant Education

This course provides interactive distant training on Basic TRIZ and Systematic Innovation for Technology and Engineering. This form of training does not require a participant to travel to the course location.

TRIZ-based Systematic Innovation is a technology of practical use of modern TRIZ (acronym for the “Theory of Solving Inventive Problems”), which resulted from many years of training and consulting various organizations from academy to industry worldwide. It introduces a number of processes and techniques which enable the practical use of TRIZ in everyday professional activities to generate new innovative solutions and produce new intellectual property in a systematic and structured way.

This unique course developed by ValeriSouchkov has gained worldwide recognition and offers intensive and practical training of those who are willing to solve difficult problems quickly and effectively, generate new ideas in a systematic way, and incorporate systematic innovative skills to the everyday use.

The course was successfully performed at a number of world-leading companies, as well as for medium and small enterprises in many countries. At several organizations this course triggered implementation of TRIZ to turn innovation to systematic and predictable process to stay ahead of competition and being able to innovate on demand. 

The course also introduces the latest TRIZ techniques which already have been proven at hundreds of real projects within different organizations, and which make learning of TRIZ faster and its application more effective.

The course targets at acquiring practical skills in basic TRIZ-based Systematic Innovation and combines intensive learning with working on real-life projects brought by the course participants. Such integration brings extra added value to our customers. In many cases, finding solution concepts during our training courses immediately compensates the course fees and generates new intellectual property.

The advantage of online training is flexibility. A student can choose his own dates and times of learning and scheduling interactive online sessions with a trainer.

  • Each training package includes video lectures, slides, course guides, individual interactive sessions with a trainer, assignments performed by a course participant, evaluation, interactive feedback sessions, online communication

For more details please write us on :info@trizasia.com

Course Title Application Area Download the course outline Enroll
Basic Level, MATRIZ Certificate Level 1 Business Management
Advanced Level, MATRIZ Certificate Level 2 Business Management
Basic Level, MATRIZ Certificate Level 1 Technology and Engineering
Advanced Level, MATRIZ Certificate Level 2 Technology and Engineering