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This course provides interactive distant training on Basic TRIZ and Systematic Innovation for Technology and Engineering. This form of training does not require a participant to travel to the course location.   For over years, our innovation experts have continued to enhance and adapt the methodology to respond to the changing needs of the market. TAA's methodology is a framework comprised of a collection of analytical and problem-solving tools   Success in the research world depends mostly on access to knowledge. However, most companies depend upon internal and competitive knowledge. The global patent database is one of the greatest and most powerful knowledge resources of all time.
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  • Shree Phadnis,  Chairman TRIZ Association of Asia invited as a judge for the DQG Quality Symposium
  • As a social cause, TRIZ Association of Asia, successfully organises an awareness session on TRIZ for the Indian Industries & students at AISSMS college of Engineering in Pune.
  • TRIZ Association of Asia successfully, executes a MATRIZ LEVEL 1 workshop in Pune in the month of September, 2016
  • TRIZ Association of Asia executed its second annual InnovEx Asia, in Bangalore on the November 24 & November 25, 2016.
  • Executed a TRIZ level 1 training for Professors of Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi as a part of CSR from ADGAS
  • TRIZ Association of Asia successfully executed a workshop on Alternative System Design Development, with Dr. Sergei Ikovenko – TRIZ LEVEL 5 Master, Chairman MATRIZ
  • TRIZ Association of ASIA joins hands with AISSMS college of Engineering – Pune for educating / training the students on MATRIZ LEVEL 1 ( MoU to be signed soon )
  • TRIZ Association of Asia joins hands with one of the Leading Global MNC Auto company for implementing TRIZ
  • TRIZ Association of Asia has planned a TRIZ Level 1, in Pune, in the month of February 2017
  • TRIZ Association of Asia has planned a TRIZ Level 2, in Pune, in the month of February 2017

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Social Connections

Indeed this was wonderful session and worth spending time even over the week-end. Now it’s time to practice it and see its power.
Navin Verma Head – Business Excellence,
Vodafone Shared Services

Since this was my first proper introduction to the concept of TRIZ, I found it interesting and I intend to practice it to really reap its benefits. As I already mentioned to you we have created our own group to start practicing it in our domain
Tanmoy Roy
ST Microelectronics Pvt Ltd.

After having spent 25 years in manufacturing, I was very pleased to see that there are parallel examples in the industry where solutions similar to those which I worked on exist and that too with a full scientific explanation. Pleasantly surprised that not only from the manufacturing but also day to day cases have applicability of this concept. It has enhanced my thinking to the next level. Once again many thanks for the program and looking forward to continuing on this learning path.
Prasanna Sthalekar
Business Group Machines & Systems,RMS

I have had the pleasure of doing the TRIZ course and found the consultant immensely knowledgeable in the field. The want to impart knowledge was extremely high and I appreciate that. The course notes were detailed enough for self-study later. I will have no hesitation to attend their future courses."
Ninad Pradhan
Senior Consultant & Trainer
UAE Internal Auditors Association, Dubai

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